Glenn Campbell

 Back in 2003 country singer Glen Campbell pleaded guilty to extreme drunk driving and leaving the scene of an accident.  Under the plea agreement in Maricopa County Superior Court, Campbell was sentenced to 10 days in jail. He was eligible for work furlough after 48 hours and served 75 hours of community service.

  An aggravated assault charge was dropped.  Campbell was arrested in November near his Phoenix home after leaving the scene of a minor traffic accident. He was accused of kneeing a police officer after being taken into custody. The officer wasn’t hurt.

  Extreme drunk driving applies to a blood-alcohol level of 0.15 or higher. Police said breath tests on Campbell showed he had a 0.20 blood alcohol level at the time of his arrest. The legal limit for Arizona drivers is 0.08.

  Campbell blamed his arrest on the accidental mixing of alcohol and a prescription anti-anxiety drug.

Written by Allen Trapp who is board certified by the National College for DUI Defense and the author of Georgia DUI Survival Guide Visit Website

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