Cobb County and Kennesaw cracking down on underage drinking

The City of Kennesaw, Georgia and other local law enforcement agencies located in Cobb County are cracking down on underage drinking.   In 2010, 4,197 citations or arrests in Cobb County were reported for DUI and minor in possession of alcohol. As reported in the Marietta Daily Journal.  Our office has experienced this increase through the representation of numerous individuals charged with DUI or minor in possession of alcohol.  In Georgia minor in possession of alcohol carries a maximum sentence of 6 months in jail and/or a $300.00 fine.  You can be eligible for a diversion program or a conditional discharge.  Our law firm has the experience to assist you with these charges to avoid a conviction and work to get your arrest record expunged.  Written by Richard N. Blevins, Jr., a former Cobb County prosecutor and former police officer, visit my website.

Written by Allen Trapp who is board certified by the National College for DUI Defense and the author of Georgia DUI Survival Guide Visit Website

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